Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Signs of Confusion, Part 3

More signs of confusion in Stockholm, Sweden...I can't help but share the laughs I enjoyed while examining the new first aid kits they purchased and mounted on the wall at work.

#1 Check out the spurting bloody ankle in the pink pictures. Ewwww!

#2 Why is the man lying on his side in the yellow pictures? Is he sleepy? Is he going to throw up? Is he drunk? Why is his hand to his mouth?

#3 Now the man (still in the yellow) has a comfy blanket. His hand is still to his mouth. The nice man in the Mr. Rodgers sweater should not give him any more beer to drink at this time.

These Swedes and their first aid kits are a laugh riot...


  1. Hi,hi Kristin!! Yes I would have to say the last row of pictures in yellow are quite interesting!! Thanks for the giggles! :o)

  2. The man lying on the ground is lying in Framstupa/stabilt sidol├Ąge sidol├Ąge. Schoolkids get to learn to put unconscious people in that position to prevent accidental suffocation. I've yet to meet anyone who remember how to do this or why it is for. I had to look it up on wikipedia!

    1. Thanks for looking that up, Naug. I had a sneaky suspicion that was what they were trying to show in the picture but of course I prefer the funniest explanation possible! Thanks for the link.