Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Signs of Confusion, Part 1

Well, I've lived in Sweden now for just over six months and I have to admit...I'm still mystified by the signs. I'll tackle the street signs in another post and for now I'll just cover the confusing pictorial directions on kitchen equipment, elevators, and, of all things, first aid kits.

Here's my all-time favorite sign. It's on the elevator of the building I recently moved to.

Is this not fantastic? I ask you. For the non-Swedish readers, the sign says that there is a "warning about the risk of getting pinned (or squeezed or jammed...depending on how you translate it)." Then it says that it is dangerous to transport things in elevators that do not have an inner door. There are lots of old elevators like that in Sweden. (In other words, there is an outer door but once you're in the lift, you could touch the outer doors on each floor as you move past them--from inside the elevator.)

What part do I not understand? Well, I guess it's just how poor "Kläm" manages to get pinned by the head to the ceiling of the elevator.

I mentioned loving this sign to my friend and she informed me that there is a Facebook group for lovers of "Kläm who gets stuck in the elevator." There are pictures of more versions of this sign on the Facebook page.

Awesome, Ted!

Tune in for my next post on signs I don't understand in Sweden.


  1. I was wondering about that when looking at all the different signs throughout the city how confusing it must be? I am sure you can't find a book with the information in it unless it is a driving book? Good story and I love the sign hey sneak me one in the post will ya?!!! :o)

    1. I think the road signs are very confusing and I am glad I do not have a car. The parking payment machines are also really confusing. You're right, driver's education probably has a book...

  2. I am absolutely agree, this is one of the most amazing and confusing signs that I've ever seen.