Sunday, May 27, 2012

Signs of Confusion, Part 2

...So, continuing on in my commentary about my lack of understanding when it comes to many pictoral signs in Sweden, I present my next case for your examination...

Here's part of the oven controls on the oven in the apartment where I live in Stockholm. I have no idea what most of these buttons do. Since I have lived there less than one week, I have managed to avoid using the oven. OK, I get that it's "bell" but what does it do? And the "clock" sets the clock--that I get. But I have no idea about the other ones.

I guess as a Technical Writer I should be willing to find the manual and then actually read it...

Nah, think I'll wait for my flat mate to come home and explain it to me!


  1. I am confused just looking at the military time let alone what the different buttons do?! :o) So do this mean you finally found a new place to live? Congrats!!

    1. Apparently I can not spell again. I meant to say "So does this..." Sorry

    2. Yup. Blocket, which is like Craigslist, came through! Sharing a flat now. Whahoo! Military time I've got down pat now so at least there's that! Thanks for commenting.

    3. So did you ever figure out the buttons?! I am curious you know!!! :o) and congrats on the new place.