Saturday, June 16, 2012

Signs of Confusion, Part 4

So, here it last post in this series on odd signs (or controls) that I fail to understand in my new life in Sweden. I mentioned the strange controls on my oven earlier. Well, I am also confused by the microwave controls.

I can appreciate, by the way, that they skip having to use written words and in that way people who don't understand the language can still use the device but for me, it would be better to use words. Words, I could look up. But what am I supposed to do with picto-grams or whatever these are?

There are lots of things you can't do on a ladder...

...especially if the ladder is in Sweden, apparently....

 It's a good thing we managed to raise that tent for the Studenten party last week even though we used this ladder. I, myself, climbed this ladder many times and I probably was in violation of most of these "no-no's." Wait, though, I never had one foot on a chimney so that's good...


  1. That microwave would certainly have me stumped.

  2. Yes me too I am completely lost with the microwave controls!! The ladder sign is just too much I love it!! Thanks for the giggles today!!