Sunday, October 7, 2012

Rock & Roll in Sweden

See my Expat in Sweden Blog...Rock & Roll in Sweden. No, not really...this is an ode to the Stockholm landscape...glacial rock and the archipelago...

Photo by K.Lund


  1. Hi Kristin Lung,

    I hope you are well and happy. I would like to enquire about Sweden as I am contemplating moving there with my family.

    I am a Java software designer and integration specialist (developer/ architect). I live in South Africa.

    I am seriously thinking about emmigrating to Sweden and came across your blog while surfing the internet for information on Sweden.

    If you could please share with me your ideas on software development in Sweden and jobs.

    I hope we can correspond.

    My email address is

    Many thanks,


  2. Hej Gabriel. Thanks for reading. I sent you an email. :) KL