Monday, September 10, 2012

Switching Venues For Awhile

Dear readers,

I wrote a blog for 6 months for the Swedish government about what it was like to come to Sweden for work. Now I have been offered the opportunity to blog for them about being an expat. This basically covers what I write about here on my private blog. (There are a few exceptions...things I can't write about for them that I can write about here but we will see...).For now, please switch to reading my posts at

Read the expat blog at

You can subscribe to it at

I expect to return to blogging here when the blog is finished so please don't cancel your subscription here. For those of you who find it more convenient, I will also  post links to the posts whenever they are published.

Thanks for being such loyal and interested readers! 

- Kristin Lund

1 comment:

  1. Don't know how I happened on your blog, but so glad I did! Very exciting that you blog in English and are living in Uppsala. Subscribing so I don't miss anything as I peruse the back issues!