Sunday, July 1, 2012

PIzza Swedish-Style


I present you my not-so-comprehensive research on pizza in Sweden. From what I have seen, Swedes don’t order one larger pizza to share but rather each person orders a single one for themselves. And boy howdy do they have some crazy flavors!

Because I avoid eating gluten, I don't eat much pizza. But I have found that pizzerias here in Sweden usually offer a gluten-free crust so I have tried it. Sometimes it's a good alternative, sometimes not. And like all things gluten free, it costs more. One must add 15 kronor to the price when asking for gluten- free. My friend says that is strange because since it is missing something, it should be cheaper. (ha ha)

Okay, but what about those crazy flavors? I present to you a selection of flavors from the local joint in Uppsala. (I haven't noticed that you can "build your own" from scratch, instead you choose one of their flavors--though I am sure you can add or remove items...)

Cheapest (65 kr. approximately $9.28)

The "Calzone" pizza has ham, mushrooms, and shrimp.

The "Campagniola" pizza has salami, onions, and shrimp. (What is it with all the shrimp on pizza?)

The "Oriental" pizza has hamburger meat and onions.

The next level of pizzas, a little more expensive… (75 kr.)

The "Big Ben" boasts ham, asparagus, and...béarnaise sauce.

The "Hawaii" has ham and pineapple (okay, normal) and then…bananas (ewww!)

More expensive… (85 kr.)

"The Amigo" offers hamburger, leeks, paprika, pepperoni, tomatoes, taco sauce, and béarnaise sauce

Most expensive… (95 kr.)

The "Pescatore" has shredded pork, pineapple, bananas, shrimp, and, wait for it...curry

What's your favorite flavor? Weirdest pizza you've ever seen? Post a comment. I'm curious!


  1. Bananas on a pizza?! Yuck!! They are definitely different from what we are used to ordering or making ourselves?!! :o)

  2. Banana curry pizza is very tasty. It's one of those weird combinations that seem like they should be revolting but is really good, like gingerbread and green cheese.

    1. To clarify, gingerbread and green cheese is not meant to be a pizza topping but to be eaten on its own :)

    2. Ha ha! It's even funnier after you clarified what you meant. I don't even know what green cheese is! But I can already tell that it wouldn't be good on pizza. :)

  3. I think I saw one with caviar, red onions, and sourcream somewhere. Swedish "pizza culture" comes mostly from immigrant Turks, Greeks, Iranians etc, hence the unusual toppings.

    1. Ah! I never made that connection. I associate pizza with Italy. In the US, I was accustomed to there being different kinds of crusts and baking styles but the flavors being fairly consistent--in traditional pizza parlors, anyway.

  4. Well Kristin, happy almost 4th of July sorry you will be missing the fireworks and BBQ but I know you are enjoying your new home now. by the way I just picked up my large chicken, bacon, tomato and ranch pizza for tonight's fireworks. Simple and plain but I will take it over "green cheese" which I have no idea what that is?! :o)

  5. Whah! Chicken and bacon on a pizza? See, that's a little unusual, too, to a traditionalist (when it comes to pizza) like me. Happy 4th of July!